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Welcome to our Expert SEO site. I'm Mel Nelson and I just want to let you know that there are real live people behind this site who will be happy to discuss your needs with you to make sure that you get the best SEO services to fit your needs.Mel

I have been in the SEO business for many years, and, and am an active participant in several online SEO forums. In short I am involved in SEO 24 hours a day.

We provide full service SEO solutions, ranging from turnkey concept, design, optimize and maintenance packages to SEO consulting services, surprisingly affordable SEO aware website designs, link sourcing and specific solutions to other specific needs. In addition we have endeavored to provide enough information here that you should be able to learn to do the job your self if that is your inclination.

While our site rankings speak for themselves, I take more pride in the many testimonials we have received from satisfied clients like these..:

" ..We cannot say enough about the work you have done and how pleased we are.  The money we paid you was the best money we have spent since starting this business"

" I cannot forget how you came through for us when no one else could or would. I will always remember that as well as the tremendous positive results that your work produced for our company.."

Expert SEO & Search Engine Optimization

Expert SEO ( Search Engine Optimization) is perhaps not quite rocket science, but it is a lot more than just fixing up some meta tags and submitting your site to the search engines as some do. It's about optimizing your pages for high search engine rankings for relevant keywords, then structuring these highly visible search results to convince searchers to click through to your site and then providing page copy that will sell those viewers on your products or services.

Successful webmasters know that those websites at the top of the search results get many times more traffic than those who show up lower in the results, but if those keywords are not carefully researched and chosen that traffic can be worthless.

We understand how important choosing the proper keywords is to the success or your site and so we research keywords carefully to find what terms real searchers are using and then integrate these into our expert SEO package to help you get more business for your site.

We offer a turnkey optimization for your site that includes research, analysis and upgrading of pages, titles and tags and then submit your site to the search engines. Our expert SEO services can be tailored to your needs no matter how small or large your site is. While expert search engine optimization is still the most effective and economical method of getting visitors to your site, there are no cut and dried solutions - each case is different. We will custom tailor our solutions to your needs as necessary.

If you are a DIY type we provide a free SEO guide so that you can do the work yourself.

Whichever you prefer click on the link above that interests you most and learn how your site can have more visitors that turn into customers.

Get expert SEO for your site today - Don't think of SEO as another cost, but as an opportunity to make your site more profitable.

Thank you for visiting our Expert search engine optimization site - Come back again soon.

August 1, 2011